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Published: 15th April 2011
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Every person has his own idea of what a full tow truck insurance is. We become idealistic especially when we know that our life and our investment are involved. We are under the impression that when we say "full coverage" it will take care of everything – damages to your truck, other properties that you crashed with and medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. Well, auto insurance policies do not work that way. These companies also protect their investments because it is a business after all. They do not want to spend on someone who is reckless and will take their money away because of numerous accidents. One way of protecting their assets is not to cover all costs in an accident. They set certain conditions on when they will be shouldering the expenses and this is based on the plan that you chose.

There are other items though that you can consider including in your policy that would count as "full coverage". One is having Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. There are people who can not afford to have truck insurances so they let themselves be auto insurance-less when they drive so if ever you are in a truck accident with these people and they do not have the funds to cover your medical bills, this will cover it as well as any lawsuits you might want to charge if you were not the one who is at fault. Second, the most common item put in an auto insurance policy is the Liability coverage where this will take care of all the properties involved in a truck crash and you are the one at fault. It can cover the damage to your truck when you hit a light post, someone else’s truck, and even a newsstand while driving in one your crazy nights. Lastly, the Personal Injury or the Medical Coverage will cover the cost of medical bills but it depends on who is at fault.

Another very helpful benefit of PIP is being assured of having immediate financial help in case of accidents. Without PIP, the usual procedure for insurance companies is to investigate the case to confirm which party is at fault in the accident. Often, waiting for the tow truck insurance company until it finishes its investigation is tediously long and will not warrant you of getting help. It would also eventually be costly because the company will only give claims after determining who is at fault.

There is one thing that ought to be remembered: if the company finds out that the policy-holder lacks a strong case, it may withdraw its legal assistance and seek to settle the dispute outside court. Insurance companies are business enterprises, and they do this in order to prevent shelling out unnecessarily large amounts of money.

Still, not all Tow truck insurance policies are the same; different companies offer slightly different variations of the policy. So, if you are seriously thinking about signing up for Auto Liability, be sure to always inquire about the specifications. Ask especially about the extent of the legal assistance the company would be able and willing to give you. Also, do your best to compare with other companies’ policies. That way, you would have more chances of finding just the right policy that would meet your needs and lifestyle.

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